Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Remote video streaming is fast becoming the norm for conducting depositions.

Our video streaming capabilities enable remote deposition attendees to view the live proceeding on their computers or mobile devices using an Internet connection. A secure interface enables participants to communicate securely through group and private chat. The chat group is set up before the deposition to ensure that someone from one firm cannot chat with someone from another firm.

Quickly access and view recorded depositions online or view depositions in real time through streaming video which allows remote participants to view the liveĀ proceeding on their computer using an internet connection, while streamlining costs.


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Planning on having an expert witness testify at your deposition? Consider having them appear remotely and let us assist you in refining their deposition skills prior to the deposition.

Check out the benefits:
<li>Feedback on body positioning and eye movement</li>
<li>Hold your deposition around the globe and not be restricted to a location and bound by travel costs.</li>
<li>Greater flexibility in avoiding scheduling conflicts</li>
<li>Experts involved in the case can watch the depositions as they are occurring, allowing for instant feedback and advice. This includes your team members, co-counsel and your clients.</li>
<li>Control your litigation costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency.</li>
<li>Remotely observe your witnesses</li>
<li>Increased Attorney-Client face time</li>
<li>Access documents from anywhere in the world</li>
<li>You can securely communicate with private chat</li>
<li>Web-based platform so all you need is a great Internet connection</li>

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