Save Time and Costs on Depositions

Save Time and Costs on Depositions

Save Time and Costs on DepositionsLitigating any case requires a budget that quite honestly, can vary from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands. Part of every successful litigation strategy includes a fantastic court reporting agency to cover deposition litigation.

This aspect of litigation alone, can prove to be quite expensive especially when the attorneys require rough draft, real time and expedited final transcripts. At Advanced Reporting Solutions, we work with our clients to keep litigation costs low, especially for our attorneys cost conscious clients. Here are a few TIPS to think of when trying to lower litigation costs. Who knows, with money saved, you could end up on a beach vacation!

Online Repository

Here is how a court reporting can lower your personal legal fees within your firm.

  • Sign up for the court reporting agency’s Online Repository where you can find all your past – Deposition transcripts in a case
    • Copies of your video from past videotaped depositions
    • Share your repository login to your co-counsel and expert witnesses to save your staff from finding and forwarding the transcripts / video footage.
    • Save staff billing hours or even your personal time by having accessed the repository for files you may have lost or need while travelling or waiting in the airport.
    • Reduce shipping charges for those out of state depositions. Use our repository to download and electronically share transcripts / exhibits at the deposition from the iPads we can send to our out of state deposition.

Videoconferencing Options

This is the NUMBER ONE cost saving item for out of state depositions. Not only are you saving travel time, hotel costs, uber costs, food related costs, shipping costs for those ten boxes of exhibits you may need – there are so many to mention.

We will either provide the VC to you remotely through an iPad or laptop we can ship to the witness or arrange for a location with professional VC equipment. Our office has an international network of videoconference facilities we can call upon to ensure your staff don’t spend the time locating one.

A GREAT Court Reporting Agency…

Court reporting agencies are NOT all equal in providing and understanding what GREAT customer service is. Here is where we stand on that:

  1. You can call us 24/7, 365 days a year and actually speak to an owner who can get you what you need. No phone messaging service.
  2. Forgot to schedule a deposition and reporter? We will get you scheduled even if you call at 4 a.m. in the morning (this does indeed happen). The conversation always starts like this, “My secretary forgot to schedule…”.
  3. Get to know the owners so they know what you need as an attorney (The Owners and Reporters.) It is so important to develop strong professional relationships with those you work with.
  4. We will make sure you have reporters you enjoy working with and who have the skillset to ensure a quality clean transcript.
  5. A firm willing to go the extra mile for you – staying open later for that long deposition, making onsite copies for you, etc.
  6. Check out our list of services: Save Time and Costs on Depositions.
    1. We can even drop you at the airport.

When all parties use Advanced Reporting Solutions, transcripts, exhibit binders, errata sheets, video and invoices are all stored in our online repository 24/7. Our firm also keep the same reporters on the job.

Complimentary Conference Rooms

Never rent your conference rooms!
You have options. Any one of our three office locations have complimentary conference rooms. Our corporate office in downtown Salt Lake City has 8 deposition suites able to seat up to 45 people. Even if your deposition is out of town, Advanced Reporting Solutions can locate you a complimentary conference room utilizing our national network of court reporting affiliates.

Electronic Transcripts for Standing Orders

Receiving your transcripts electronically ensure the following:

  1. You save on paper printing costs from the court reporting agency.
  2. You save on transcript delivery fees.
  3. Convenience of having all your work product online, shareable and accessible 24/7.
  4. Emailed correspondence and paperless billing is transparent and easy to prove accountability and time frames for transcript delivery.
  5. With your standing order, Advanced Reporting Solutions will know exactly what electronic file types you prefer, regardless of deposition location and foreign reporters.

National and International Scheduling

We schedule nationally and internationally, AND we VET other international court reporting agencies rates to ensure your costs are low. This service alone saves your staff a lot of time and money. Here is another kicker for you to consider. Our reporters will often travel at their own cost to other states to cover jobs for our good clients. Less stress for you as you are familiar with our reporters, transcript quality and production time for your transcript.

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