Let us Schedule your Out of State Depositions!

Let us Schedule your Out of State Depositions!



Out of State DepositionsParalegals and legal assistants – you often have a lot to deal with in handling a busy case load for anywhere from one to four attorneys.

It could be overwhelming, especially when you may have to schedule out of town depositions, co-ordinate videoconferencing facilities, book conference rooms and maybe even an interpreter.

At Advanced Reporting Solutions, we are well aware of the trend to reduce law firm employees and “load up” the remaining staff. For years we have recognized the need to support our clients and as such, cover a few of their tasks.

5 Tasks Paralegals Can Delegate to Their Court Reporting Firm:

1. Scheduling and Managing All Out-of-Town Depositions, Court
Reporters and Videographers.

When out-of-town depositions need to be scheduled, just call us!

We belong to a vetted, professional network of court reporting firms located nationally and internationally. The group all know one another as court reporting firm owners and all adhere to a high level of professional service and commitment to excellence.

Call us and we will schedule your court reporter, interpreter, videographer, conference room or set up your video conferencing links.

We can even cover remote videoconferencing!

2. Legal Video:

  • Video Depositions – We have in house videographers and as such, have a close working relationship with our videographers. All know our expectation of high level of professional service. As such, we can help you by making the schedule, billing and production and delivery of the deposition transcript and video process seamless.
  • Videoconferencing – To keep it short and simple, we will cover ANY of your videoconferencing needs and even suggest LESS EXPENSIVE options for you in conducting your remote depositions.
  • Day-in-the-Life – They say a picture paints a thousand words. If your client has suffered an injury and you want to show the jury, let us go onsite and record your client, whether bedridden, handicapped and suffering when mobile. This is a POWERFUL tool to bring the life of your suffering client before the jury.

3. Booking conference rooms.

Locally, we have 8 conference rooms for your use – at NO CHARGE to you if using our reporters.

Out of town, our networking group will provide you a room at no charge.

Don’t make the error of booking a conference room at your attorney’s hotel. The rates are always a lot more expensive.

4. Scheduling Interpreters

We do something really cool, when working with interpreters, We have noticed over the years that some interpreters are A LOT better than others. We actually provide a real time feed so that the interpreter can read verbatim, the attorneys question.

5. Handling Exhibits before the Depositions

Save yourself the cost of shipping your exhibits. Allow us to scan and send them onsite for your use there.

We also engage amazing technology that allows you to take all exhibits to your deposition on a jump drive. There, you can remotely and electronically share exhibits with your fellow and opposing counsel.

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