Calling Out The Big Guns! Arbitrations

Calling Out The Big Guns! Arbitrations

Alpine Court Reporting Personal TouchWe received a call from a local client who wanted to hold an arbitration in Denver, Colorado. So, we do what Advanced Reporting Solutions does best. We call and strive to get our client the best pricing available with a local court reporting company. Three days later, we decide that the client is better served with us simply flying to Denver ourselves, at no cost to the client, and doing the arbitration ourselves. The “Personal Touch”!

Attorneys want same day rough drafts of today’s transcript and a final transcript before the next day’s arbitration begins. This is where it gets interesting. Our reporter, who is a rock star, writes up to 450 pages a day, on the record from 9:00 a.m. to after 7:30 p.m. daily with over 2,000 transcript pages in a week. Rough draft is given to the attorneys within an hour of the end of the day. Final transcript is given to the attorneys before 9:00 p.m. nightly.

Fully proof read and scoped, the transcript is an amazing trophy of “awesomeness” that astounds the attorneys. Word gets around and the “Rockstar” team of reporters, begin to cover more arbitrations around town. The reputation is that if you need high quality and accurate transcripts with crazy fast turnaround, there is only one reporting company to call – Advanced Reporting Solutions.

So why is it that some reporters are better than others? Same reason some attorneys are better than other attorneys. The difference is that some have a passion for their career and a vested interest in honing their professional skill set. They want to keep updated with technology and changes in their industry, to be the leaders of their profession, while others are content to follow the pack.

For court reporting, the same holds true. Advanced Reporting Solutions encourages and trains their reporters to be realtime certified and be able to, in realtime, take a written record that is able to be electronically displayed on iPads for attorneys in the room.

We are soon to launch our new “Arbitration Room” that will provide local attorneys with a well-designed and fully functioning arbitration facility in downtown Salt Lake City. Close to all major law firms and serving as an unbiased location for both arbitrating parties.

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