Advantages of Real Time Court Reporting

Advantages of Real Time Court Reporting

Advantages of Real-Time Court ReportingReal-time reporting is not new, though strangely enough many attorneys are not familiar with the benefits of realtime reporting.

In setting the foundation, it must be made known that not all reporters can write in realtime if requested to do so at a deposition. Firstly, the reporter has to have the correct equipment in order to provide realtime services at the deposition. Each reporter utilizes various court reporting software to create their transcripts. This software has to be configured with the reporters computer and iPads in order for attorneys to read the realtime at the deposition. At Advanced Reporting Solutions, we prefer to use iPads as they are smaller than laptops, easier to stage on the conference table and less obtrusive to not only the attorneys, but the view of the witness in a videotaped deposition.

So what is realtime exactly? It occurs when a reporters shorthand is instantly translated into English for the attorney, right there during the deposition or trial and viewed immediately on an iPad or laptop. The transcript moves up the page on the iPad, with the newest typed script appearing at the bottom of the page and as more text is added, the oldest text at the top.

A great indicator of when an attorney is speaking to fast for the reporter OR the deposition material or exhibits quoted are not in a reporters software dictionary, untranslated text will start appearing on the realtime feed on the iPad

A good attorney will, while quoting acronyms or names, take some time to spell them out or verify the spelling of the acronym for the record. On complex IP computer coding cases I have been on, I have personally seen attorneys move the exhibit closer to the reporter so they can read the complex jargon in the exhibit for themselves. This is VERY helpful to reporters as they have to identify exhibits introduced in the deposition on the index page of the transcript and so makes their job A LOT easier when completing the final transcript.

  1. Instant access to the transcript – view the transcript instantly during the deposition/trial. This allows for efficient questioning of the witness and the ability to re-state the previous questions/answers given.
  2. Live review – view the transcript immediately as it is being taken down. Attorneys can come up with follow-up questions or rephrase questions for any undesired response from a witness.
  3. Private messaging off the record: Attendees are able to have off the record conversations through instant messaging during real-time.
  4. Cost-effective. Attorneys are able to have the transcript’s rough drafts before the copy of the final official transcript is even complete. Easy to prepare for the next day.
  5. Remote availability: Those unable to physically attend the proceeding, including counsel, expert witnesses, clients, co-counsel and legal assistants, are able to view the transcript during real-time. An internet connection is needed.
  6. The ability to keyword search the transcript.
  7. Ability to mark key sections for later reference: Highlight and make notes on the transcript.

If you have not experienced the benefit of a realtime deposition and how this service can add value to your ability to skillfully and strategically negotiate deposition testimony, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. We invite you to contact our office for a free demonstration and we will be happy to expose you to the wonders of realtime deposition services.

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